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Our Team

Sekar Manickam, with Over 30 years of experience in E-Governance industry by carrying out various project like PDS cards, Voter ID, and most prestigious project of Indian government “ UIDAI – AADHAAR “ by issuing aadhaar card to 8 crore people. And has a huge experience on implementation projects national wide.

Managing Director message

Mr. M. Sekar, the Managing Director delivers the depth of experience necessary to build long term, strategic relationships with our clients and provide easy access to Swathy’s decision- makers. The Board not only focuses on achievement of corporate goals but also ensures that the management adheres to laws and regulation, bringing judicious balance among the interest of diverse groups. The management of the company has an Open Forum style of functioning where everyone shares and delivers the depth of experience. Professional team of experienced Managers capable of strategic planning manage the project to deliver high quality of deliverables within the time frame. The company possess highly organized group of Field Management staff and work force across the Nation. The organization has a reserve of over 2500 Field Operators capable to work in various regional languages across the country, and expected to expand three times in the near future.

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