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Quality Policy
Quality Policy

We aim at achieving customer satisfaction by delivering Quality Services which meets their expectations.

This shall be achieved through:

Continuous Improvement is system and process

Employee Involvement through Training and Development.

Adapting new technology up gradation from time to time


Each and every organization believes in quality results, whether it is achieved within a short time or long time. At Swathy, quality of work is given emphasize ahead of quantity of work. Swathy is ISO 9001:2008 certified - QMS for Collection Of Data, Biometrics and Personalization of issuing all kind of Smart Cards.

We are also ISO 9001:2008 certified - QMS for Distribution, Supply, Training and Process for use of Biometric Devices, Maintenance Capabilities, After Sales Service and support Infrastructure of the Biometric Devices like Finger print Scanners, Iris Scanners, Face recognition Scanners.

Services delivery systems are designed based on customer requirements and we strive to exceed their expectations.

Each data entry operator takes personal care to carry out the client's work.

The data entry operator will tackle any aspect of each data entry and biometrics project, however complex it may be, to ensure that the data entry quality and accuracy is up to the standard level of 99.995%.

Project Quality is assured through the following procedures

Extensive field validations, edits, & table lookups.

Sample checking of entered data.

Double data entry

Consistent training to operators

Physical verification of data entry.

Inconsistent operators are identified and replaced with suitable ones.


Project Evaluation is carried on periodical basis, in case of any deviation necessary action is plan taken.Parameters for evaluation:

Manpower Performance

Target Achievement

Material Performance

Customer Satisfaction

Database Management

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